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Two Factor Setup

To setup two factor authentication you first need to download Google Authenticator:

Google Authenticator for Android (Play Store)

Google Authenticator for iOS (Apple App Store)

Then scan the below barcode or, if you are not able to scan the barcode, you can enter the "Security Key" manually.

Security Key: (Time Based Code)

Enter the 6 digit code generated by Google Authenticator in the 2FA Code box and switch "Enable Two-Factor" to On

Important Save this secret code for future reference

Note: No Google account is required to use Google Authenticator; skip any Google logins

Account Security

Two Factor Authentication

Enable Two-Factor

Enter 2FA Code


Google Authenticator Guide

  1. Install Google Authenticator for Android or Apple and open Google Authenticator
  2. Go to Menu -> Setup Account
  3. Choose Scan a barcode option, and scan the barcode shown on this page
  4. If you are unable to scan the barcode: Choose Enter provided key and type in the "Security Key"
  5. A six digit number will now appear in your Google Authenticator app home screen, enter this code into the 2FA form on this page
  6. Every time you login to you must enter the new 2FA code from your Google Authenticator into the 2FA box on the login form
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